Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Michele Bachmannn Reviews THE HELP

The Help is a movie about how if you're nice to your maids, they may start a revolution for independence. So don't do that.

I didn't like the movie. And I'll tell you why more. For one thing, I ordered a medium popcorn, and the boy(?) behind the counter gave me a small. Although I thought it was a medium because even the smalls are big for a lady who don't eat food, but my hubby angrily informed me it was a size subpar what he wanted. This fiasco happened with our Coke Zero, except my hubby was certain they gave us Coke More Than Zero instead of Coke Just Zero.

There were little short movies before our movie. One was about a girl who likes a vampire. Not only did this film send a positive message about dating daemons, but it didn't even bother to end the story it set up. Still, I'd like to see it again as soon as possible. It touched me.

After that the movie started. It was hard to pay attention because I am very busy and my phone was at my ear the whole time. I got the gist though. On a technical note, the filmmakers really screwed up about cars and outfits and such. Stuff hasn't looked like that since I was in my twenties.

As usual, we had to leave early because someone tried to sexually fondle my hubby for twenty minutes in the bathroom. I got his cell# just like all the others, and I cannot wait to rid the earth of their man-filth.

I really liked The Help. I plan to download it from a free movie service called The Pirate Bay to show it to my lady group before it's too late.

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