Sunday, September 11, 2011

Internet List: The Greatest Movie Romances of All Time

Almost every film is a love story of some sort. Whether romance is the film's main thrust or just something that rewards a hero for fighting aliens so hard, 99% of the films we see end with someone kissing some other person, and we love it.

But romance is often more complicated than that. A kiss can mean anything. Real feelings of affection are much harder to bring to the screen than people realize. Here is a list of movie romances that really make the grade.

1. Dom Toretto and Brian O'Conner
This is probably the centerpiece romance in a film series defined by its romances. And while the recent inclusion of The Rock has turned Dom Toretto's head, it's doubtful we've seen the last of Toretto and O'Conner's love for each other.

And just for fun, here's a Mini List:
Fast & Furious Hook-Ups
Toretto and O'Conner: Top and Bottom
Toretto and The Rock: Breaking Bed
Toretto and Vince: Breaking Bed (w/ training wheels)
Toretto and Han: Yin and Yang
Toretto and Letty: Everyone Needs a Cover Story
Han and Lucas Black: Obi Wan and Luke
That Columbian Guy and That Other Columbian Guy: Pure Bliss
O'Conner and Tyrese: Bottom Becomes a Top
Tyrese and Ludicris: Lots and Lots of Mirror Time
Letty and Jordan Brewster: No One Ever Found Out

2. Riggs and Murtough
This relationship has changed drastically over the years. In the beginning, Murtough was the solid rock Riggs rested upon to keep his sanity in check. Without Murtough, Riggs most certainly would have killed himself. He gave Riggs love and a reason to live.

But now things have changed. Murtough is an old man, and dementia is creeping in. His family can't deal with it. Only Riggs can give him what he needs and keep his feet on solid ground. When the time finally comes for Murtough to kick the bucket, they will embrace each other and turn into an intertwined tree that will stand forever.

3. Johnny Utah and Bodhi
A classic mentor/student romance, Bodhi teaches Johnny Utah how to find peace within the world and within himself through highly dangerous activities like sky-diving and going bareback. Utah can't believe how lucky he is, while Bodhi secretly reads Johnny Utah's diary and smiles at the beautiful flower he helped bud. Johnny Utah has no plans to surpass Bodhi's Zen supremacy. He wants only to follow. Forever.

4. Sam Witwicky and Bumblebee
Not every relationship is easy. Sometimes, romance requires hard work. Bumblebee knows what kind of man he's got and chooses to play the submissive puppy to Witwicky's alpha dog because that's the only way it will work.

But when Witwicky comes home from a hard day of taking on the corporate world and cries in Bumblebee's supportive arms, it's all worth it.

5. Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed
Who says rivals can't also be lovers? When Rocky and Apollo find they have a common enemy in Clubber Lang, old grudges get put aside in favor of long hours at the pool and romantic runs along the beach.

Tragically, this romance gets cut short when Apollo Creed loses his life to Ivan Drago. And even worse, Rocky's memories of Creed get punched out of his head completely. Rocky may have beaten Drago in the ring, but he lost everything in the heart. Tragic.

6. John Matrix and Bennett
Speaking of tragic, it doesn't get much worse than the mis-romance of John Matrix and Bennett. There's just nothing that can be done when love goes unanswered, and Bennett's passionate infatuation with John Matrix was never going to pan out the way he wanted. 

Rather than accepting that, Bennett's obsession only grew more demented, going so far that he even kidnapped Matrix's daughter to get rid of what he saw as the one element keeping them apart. Ultimately, John Matrix had to stab Bennett with a pole, finally giving the lost and lonely lover a chance to blow off some steam.

7. GR44 and GR13
Yet another tragic story. These two soldiers could never get their love off the ground before killing each other in Vietnam. But even when given a second change at life and love, they still can't work out their passionate differences.

GR44 just wants GR13 to be happy, but a man of violence can never truly be at peace. GR44 does everything he can to save GR13 from himself, but it is all for naught. In the end, GR44 finally accepts GR13 for who he is rather than who he wants him to be and grinds him up in some farming machinery. Sometimes you just have to let go of those you wish to hold closest.

8. Top Gun and Iceman and Goose and Everyone
Everybody wants to be with Top Gun. Even people who hate him can't refuse his charms. Simply put, Top Gun was put on this earth to bring love to all, and that's exactly what he does. No one can resist. Not even lesbians.

9. William Munny and Ned Logan
There is no appropriate age when it comes to falling in love. And a wizened perspective does not make you less likely to bring Hell unto earth when someone takes that love away from you.

William Munny and Ned Logan are just old friends, but fate gives them one last chance to take that leap from friends to lovers. Sadly, it's one of the last moments they share before Ned's untimely death at the hands of Little Bill Daggett. And while Munny gets his revenge, the Ned-shaped hole in his heart will never again be filled.

10. Ennis Del Mar and Jack Twist
Yet another example of how most cowboys live their lives bereft of love. They can love their work. They can love their horse. They can love their freedom. But everyone freaks out when they love each other. 

Not even wives and children can dampen Ennis and Jack's love for each other. Perhaps the heat produced by the their passion burns hotter for its naughtiness. But the hotter something burns, the faster it disappears.

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