Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Many Faces of Jason Bateman

Jason Bateman is a guy who acts unflappable no matter what weird shit he hears. He might shoot back with a little jab at your idiocy, but it will be couched with such subtlety that you'll never know it. In real life you'd know it. If you were in a movie, you wouldn't know it though. If you were a character in a movie. If you and Jason Bateman were making a documentary, I think you'd know it. A documentary is a different kind of movie where stuff is real.

Jason Bateman is the Patrick Bateman of Batemans. In real life. Patrick Bateman is the Patrick Bateman of fiction.

Anyway, here are the many faces of Jason Bateman:

Funny Bateman:

Funny Bateman Pt. 2:

Nice Guy Bateman:

Slightly Irritated Bateman:

About to Drink Sperm Bateman:

Shoulda Had an Abortion Bateman:

Adam Leavitt: Intelligence Analyst Bateman:

Toby Maguire Bateman:

Standing Next to Greatness Bateman:

Bill Paxton Bateman:

Kevin Spacey Bateman:

Cuckolded by a God Bateman:

...and so on.

Jason Bateman's hair is sometimes a little longer than others. And he occasionally looks like other actors.

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  1. That is so true, I guess Michael J Fox didn't see a future in making any more Teen Wolf movies where he plays the hairy point guard. Plus how many throat shots could he take from Melissa McCarthy in that identity movie anyway.