Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Sam Witwicky Reviews FRIGHT NIGHT

Yo, me and my best friend, B (that shit's short for Bee-Umble Beezledabub), went to a $1 drive in and saw some shit called Fright Night and it was fucking dope, son.

Fright Night was fucking dope. It was all about his classy ass vampire who lives next door to a pussy and tries to get pussy off his ma and his ho, but can't because the little dude grows a pair and takes that fucker out.

You shoulda seen it, man. That vamp's face got mad messed up when it came time to dine. He all looked all not human anymore. Like his mouth got wide as shit.

Bum-Bee had to be in car mode cause I didn't want people calling government assholes on us. And B's headlights are his eyes in car mode. But he kept shining his eyes on the screen, and I was like, "Yo B! I'm trying to watch a movie here! Like, show some fucking respect!" He heard it tho, and he said he thought it was coo. There's a part where a motorcycle crashes a car, and he liked that because most Decepticons are fuckign motorcycles.

Hey man. That's it. You should see this shit.

Out. Peace.

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